Hits in Box is a Content Management System. The primary purpose of a CMS is to provide the opportunity for multiple users to easily and collectively manage the content of a digital platform — in this case a website — and Hits in a Box does just that.

While the term “content management system” might sound technical and complicated, it’s not at all. You’ll quickly discover that Hits in a Box is simple, fun, and easy to use. No coding is required, and if you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you’ll likely be comfortable using Hits in a Box.

The following documentation materials are meant to guide you through Hits in a Box step by step and serve as a resource when you run into trouble. We realize everyone learns differently, however, and if you still have questions after reading the documentation, please contact us.

To better illustrate how Hits in a Box and its features work, examples are provided throughout this documentation sourcing a fictional company, Don’s Auto Repair & Sales.



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