Content Moderation

*   Visit the Content Moderation app by selecting it in the app menu or by visiting the Dashboard and selecting it there.


  • The Content Moderation home page contains a list of all of your events, which you can sort (A) and search (B). (The default sort is by last modified.)
  • Each listing (C) tells you the date of last modification
  • Edit or delete an item with the icons (D) at the far right. You also can edit an item by clicking its title (E).
  • Switch between pending and completed requests (F) by toggling between the two
  • Return to this page by clicking VIEW ALL PENDING REQUESTS (G) from any page within the app
  • Read documentation on the Content Moderation app (H)



  • Contact 6AM Marketing to set up user accounts to allow content moderation.
  • Content that can be moderated:
    • News stories
    • Events
    • Blog posts
    • Content block content
  • Content moderation applies only to the content created in the Page Editor of these apps, not other things such as dates, tags, meta info, etc.



  • You will be notified with an email when a piece of content has been submitted for your approval. To view the content, visit the Content Moderation home page.
  • Select the item to view the proposed content and current content. Your options are to:
    • APPROVE (the content item will be published as is)
    • DENY (the content item will be sent back to the user who created the content for further revisions via an email message); leave instructions for the revision in the Denial Notes
    • SAVE CHANGES (publishes the item after you have made edits to the proposed content)
    • DELETE REQUEST (discards the proposed content change)
  • After approving or denying a request, the content item will be moved to the Completed section on the Content Moderation home page.
  • When a content item that has been denied is resubmitted for approval, you will receive an email notification and repeat the above process.



  • Create or edit content in the usual manner. When done, hit the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button to submit the content item to the content moderator.
  • You will receive an email after the content has been reviewed telling you either it has been approved or denied. If it has been denied, instructions will be included in the message detailing edits that need to be made to the content. To make edits, go to the Content Moderation home page and switch the toggle at the top to “COMPLETED”. 
  • Select the content item, make edits to the proposed content and, when finished, click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL to initiate the content moderation process again.
  • In the event you have submitted content for approval that you need to make additional edits to (BEFORE it has been approved or denied), go to the Content Moderation home page and select the content item. Make edits to the proposed content then click the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL  button.




Content items that are awaiting approval are indicated as follow:

  • Content blocks that contain content that is pending are red. Hover over the block and click the Content Moderation icon to view the pending content.


  • From an app home page, pending content items are noted with a message:


  • From a content item, pending changes are noted at the top of the page:



  • Every pending request page contains a dropdown menu for easy access to other pending requests





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