Building Pages

The Page Builder allows you to develop unique page layouts to best display your content.

When you create a new page, the content blocks will include the Row Creator tool:




Click the blue plus icon to show the six options for creating a new row of content blocks:



  • Full-width
  • 2 columns, equally split
  • 2 columns 66%-33% split
  • 2 columns, 33%-66% splitad
  • 3 columns, equally split
  • 4 columns, equally split

Click an option to create a new row of content blocks:




To delete a content block, hover over the Row Creator tool and click the red ‘X’ icon.*  Content blocks will automatically shift their positions to reflect your deletion.


  • You cannot delete the first content block on a page
  • Empty content blocks do not take up any space on the page. That means it is not necessary to delete content blocks that have no content in them.
  • Contact us if you need an alternative row layout (ex. 3 columns, 25%-50%-25% split)



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