Predictive Search

*  This app may be applied to your website if it includes a search function. Predictive search works much the same way as when you begin typing in a Google search and it returns potential results based on what you have entered. This helps users more easily navigate your site to find what they are looking for.



Each of your pages includes a keywords field. When a user begins typing into the search box, the website looks for keywords from pages that match (page titles also are included) and displays those pages that do, providing easy access to pertinent content.

Let's use Don’s Auto Repair & Sales as an example. Don's website has three pages that include information about brakes: Services, Brake Repairs and Testing Your Brakes. Don could enter "brakes" as a keyword for each of these pages. Then when a user types "brakes" into the search box, these three pages that contain relevant information will be shown to the user.

Predictive Search works in conjunction with Google as a fallback. That is, when a user types something into the search box that does not match any page keywords, Google searches the entirety of your website and returns results.



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