Starter's Guide to Tags

Hits in a Box uses tagging in several apps to provide increased functionality and flexibility. A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. Assigning tags helps sort and organize information. Let’s use our fictional company, Don’s Auto Repair & Sales, as an example.

Don has decided to add a blog to his website. Don also has a page on his site with information regarding his brake repair services. On this page, he would like to include blog posts about brake repairs.

When Don’s marketing person is writing a blog post, she would assign tags to it. For example, a blog post about how to make sure your brakes are OK for winter driving conditions could be assigned the following tags: brakes, brake repairs, and winter driving.

Now, when Don is working on his brake repair services page, he can choose to show all blog posts that are tagged “brake repairs”. A link to the post regarding testing your brakes for winter driving would appear, along with posts tagged with "brake repairs".

The Hits in a Box apps that use tagging: Blog Manager, Event Manager, Inventory Manager, News Manager, Staff Directory, Store Catalog Manager.



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