Frequency of Content Updates

Keeping your website up to date with new and appealing content is important for several reasons, including:

  • It keeps your users informed, encouraging them to visit your site more often and leading to loyal customers and more sales/donations.
  • The frequency with which you update your site correlates with how often Google and other search engines index (visiting and adding new search results) your site, creating the potential for better or a higher number of search results. This is a clear path to new users/customers.
  • Publishing new content offers the opportunity to include tags and keywords that will enhance your overall site score, usability and search results.

That leaves a key question: How often do I update my site?

The easy answer is, as much as possible. But that’s generally not realistic, and the real answer depends greatly on the type of your business; for example, a newspaper website would be updated far more frequently than a restaurant's. In general, you should update your site whenever you have important information you want to deliver to your users right away. Outside of that, a good rule of thumb is to update 1-3 times per week.

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